You're Gonna Give Yourself A Heart Attack

You know how people say "he's gonna give himself a heart attack"? Turns out they may be on to something.

According to this article, the hormone cortisol is directly correlated to death by heart disease. In fact, you have a five times greater chance of dying by heart disease if you have high levels of cortisol. What causes high levels of cortisol? Stress.

(What is not mentioned in the article, is that even low-grade sleep deprivation can also cause high levels of cortisol- because it puts stress on your body). Even more interesting (to me at least) is that high levels of cortisol are related to obesity (especially belly fat), and poor metabolism. So you can see how all those things might equal a higher risk of death from heart disease.

So next time you are overwhelmed with stress in your day, just remember: you're killing yourself.

... ha. Just kidding. Like that would help you relax!

Instead, try remembering that your heart and health are more important than that moment's stress. Visualize a long, healthy life ahead of you. Remind yourself that this is (after all) one moment's stress... and doesn't need to affect a lifetime.

Wishing you heart health (both literal and metaphoric)

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  1. Krysta,
    Your blog is very interesting. We often do not think how systems are connected in the body. The other interesting thing is that sleep deprivation causes one to gain weight as well.



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