And Suddenly, You Realize...

No, I didn't forget that I promised to write more about marriage today, but I'm interrupting myself because sometimes... well sometimes you can't predict what will move you.

Today was just 'one of those days'. You know, the kind of day where you feel vaguely sensitive and agitated. Where your "to do" list isn't getting crossed off and your stresses seem to outnumber your happy thoughts. And then a friend of mine posted this link on Facebook... and my perspective changed in an instant.

 The Matthew's Story. WARNING: If you have experienced a traumatic illness for your child, or loss of your child- use caution when reading.

It's amazing how feeling a sense of the greater community (their suffering, their joy) will help you deal with even the worst days. All of a sudden, the things that were causing migraines seem insignificant and all you can do is whisper a prayer for a fellow human being while you hug your loved ones a little tighter.

I can't make sense of it all, I really can't. It begs much deeper questions than I have answers for. My heart aches.

And even stranger, I feel compelled to share their story. Interesting how the need for community is so deeply ingrained in us. Without even actually knowing them, I want others to hear their story- offer their love, support, sympathy, prayer.... And really, my "to do" list- whether it gets done or not- matters very little in this moment.

Wishing you health, love and the support of those around you,

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