My Apologies

I know, I know. I've really not been here much lately. What's even sadder? I have had a dozen million-dollar-blog ideas. And now I can't remember one. Does that ever happen to you? (Well okay, let's be honest. At least I can tell myself they were million-dollar-ideas. We'll never really know and it makes me feel happy to think they were ever in there ;) )

Here's the good news- I've been busy doing good things!

Here's the bad news- part of that includes... gulp... accounting and bookkeeping.

Chalk this up to one of the many things they never teach you in grad school: "how to RUN a successful business". It's all trial and error. And I know this is going to shock you... but us therapisty types are NOT excellent at administrative tasks. (Yes, I made up a word, but I like it.) I like to think that we're more "people-people" and less "paper-people". So, as my practice has grown, so has my need for good administrative systems.

For example, it would be ideal if I could give my accountant some kind of records at the end of the year. Even more so if the records made sense.

So my work hours have been full lately, but I will be back soon. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I like to think that experiences like this are important. They're humbling at least.

Mathematically Challenged,

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