Ladies, We Are Being Heard

Those of you who know me... for about 5 minutes... know that I have this passion (obsession?) with healing trauma. And a specific subset of this is my passion for treating birth trauma. I will talk about it to anyone who will listen (sorry) and basically think it's one of the foremost unidentified mental health issues of young women. That's all. I'm pretty much on a mission to tell the world about it.

I like to keep my goals realistic.

So you can imagine my excitement when Lourdes Viado, PhD, MFT invited me onto her Women In Depth podcast and actually allowed me to talk for a whole show about the subject! I was in heaven.

She was even nice and asked good questions and her eyes didn't even glaze over. Well, to be fair, she was over the phone but in my mind she was totally into it.

I'm very proud of this one. I hope you are too. Push the triangle to listen. :)

ps, it's also available on itunes. Which is just way cool.
pps. You can read earlier blog posts I wrote on birth trauma here.

Me, feeling my feelings after listening to the interview.
SQUEEE! People are listening, ladies!

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