A Day for Lovers

Unless you lived under a rock, you know that we just passed valentine's day. I always find the holiday especially interesting, because the reaction to Valentine's is so widely varying. While one might decorate their home in anticipation, others make it a personal mission to let everyone know just how "stupid" a holiday it is.

Of course, being in the business of loving personal relationships- I take the opportunity to observe all the funny behavior that happens around this holiday. Over the years I've collected random stories, but my favorite fact is now this:

On Valentine's Day our website received seven times the average number of hits for a Sunday.

When I first realized this, I had to chuckle to myself as I imagined angry wives plunking "marriage counseling" on their keyboards Feb 14th (the most popular keyword search). Or perhaps it was a frantic and placating man saying "Fine! We'll get counseling!" I realize these are stereotypes, but I'm being honest- it was what ran through my head as I laughed.

Whatever the case, it appears that love (and the celebration of love) is not quite a Hallmark commercial. Duh. And a part of my heart is warmed that people are reaching out for support when they face marital turmoil, instead of suffering silently as they did in years past.

But after the chuckling, laughing, and heart-warming... I am struck by one final thought:

The average number of phone calls... did not raise at all.

And that is sobering to me.

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