Meet Buddy

 Meet Buddy.

 Buddy is my dog. Well, technically he is the family's dog. These are puppy shots of buddy, but he is over 3 years old now. Let's face it, there isn't a lot of opportunity to take pictures of your dog- so these are still my favorite.

I always say, if incarnation is real- I want to come back as Buddy in another life.

This is Buddy's favorite past time (yes, those are my legs). No matter what is happening, or where we are... Buddy is content as long as some part of him is touching some part of you. It makes him happy. He sighs with contentment and then falls asleep.

Buddy reminds me that we're all kind of this way. We all want to feel connected, safe, warm. We all want someone beside us after we're done with our adventures.

Wishing you connectedness,

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