Just Give Up Already!

We all have it: The Boiling Point.

It might not even make sense when it occurs. It could be a long time coming (stresses building up), or it could be seemingly out of nowhere. But when it hits: you know! Suddenly you become some weird, incomprehensible, lunatic version of yourself. This would be where a cartoonist would draw steam coming out of your ears, and googly eyes. Hubby and kids look out! *

You keep trying to keep it together. These Boiling Points usually come at the absolute worst times. You have a big event, an important meeting, a sick child... you get the point. Not now, you're thinking. Just hold off a little longer. I have X,Y, and Z to get done before I can really lose it.

But guess what? The Boiling Point doesn't care. The time is NOW and the place is HERE. 
I like to imagine the Boiling Point looks like this:

What's a smooth-sophisticated-adult like you to do? 

Give up.

Yup, that's right. Give up. 

If only for a moment, let go of any expectation, any work load, and accept defeat.  This will look different for all of you. For some, it's a longer lunch break while you hide in your office. For others, its a road trip. Or maybe you need to go a little nuts and just laugh hysterically. For you mommies, it might mean popping in that video** while you suck your thumb and rock in your bedroom repeating affirmations.

It might mean confessing your Boiling Point to another. It might mean having to ask for help. But I can guarantee you this- a Boiling Point is a gift. (Yes, really!) It is your inner-alarm system. It is telling you to do just that: "give up!" Its like your internal brain is saying, "Uh, hello? You really can't take it anymore. I'm going to short circuit until I incapacitate you to the point that you have no choice but to let go. Don't try to fight me. I'll make you look like an idiot."
(Which is really quite sophisticated language for that guy)

You see, the Boiling Point is here with a message. The message that you are overloaded and need a (brief) mental collapse. That might sound like a raw deal, but it's my personal opinion that the brief mental collapse prevents the major ones. So see, it really is a gift!

Next time, try giving up. It will be the best thing you can do- nothing at all!

Wishing you would just GIVE UP already,

*Please note: this is all hypothetical as I have never experienced any said unrefined melt-down. I've just heard of them.
** You know it, it's the one that makes you crazy and you never want to see again. But it somehow manages to enchant the ankle-biters.


  1. wow! great advice, thanks! i already hit my boiling point early this morning!!!! with a toddler of course! next time i will try giving up!

  2. I think you have an interesting perspective on getting so angry you can't stop it.
    For me, I have to be mindful of what is bothering me so I don't get to that point of anger. If I deal with what is going on, I do much better. thank you for your thoughtful blog.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies. I appreciate them both.
    @Busy- toddlers are experts at the boiling point creation. It is not an accident that I imagine the boiling point to look LIKE a toddler! :)

    @Frieda- I think mindfulness is a wonderful tool and can be very important in the process to avoid the boiling point in the first place. Excellent point!


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