I Knew A Lot More Before...

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I knew a lot more before....

- I got married
- I had a child
- I had a second child
- I found gray hair

.... in that order. Is that a coincidence?

When I first began my career as a therapist, I didn't get it. I mean, I wanted to get it. I got it intellectually. But that's not the same thing.

- I didn't understand the courage it takes to bring your precious child to therapy
- I didn't understand how you could feel so much love and so much numbness for the same person
- I didn't understand how people could let so much time pass, so busy living that they forget to live well
- I didn't understand why money was the #1 reason for divorce in America
- I didn't understand how someone could ignore their own mental health issues because they are too busy caring for everyone else.

... I understand that now.

The best gift of my career is that I get to walk alongside so many different kinds of people. And I've learned over and over (and over!) that someone's life looks so different from the inside. I am honored by the stories we share.

What's funny is, the more I learn the less I know what to write about. Life doesn't seem as easy to contain within black and white letters. The breathless, quiet, fierce and sacred. And after 8 years of formal education and 5 years of a supervised internship and 9 total years of seeing clients.... I find myself more contemplative. More reverent. What do I know?  I ask myself.

Well truthfully, I know a lot.
But I am only growing in understanding.

Thank you for the humbling journey,

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  1. I like the way you framed your learning from life's experiences, Krysta.
    when I got licensed 20 years ago, I realized that I was on a journey of learning
    for the rest of my life. and you say it so well!


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