Whose Body Is It?

I recently read the article "Moms Put On That Swimsuit" in which the author Jessica Turner talks about her very real struggle to put aside her self-consciousness and put on a swimsuit to join her kids in the waves at the beach.

It was awesome. I recommend it.

And (of course, because this is how I do) I have something to add.

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You know, in a lifetime of wining and losing possessions. In a world where everything, and I mean EVERYTHING can be taken from you. In a world where you will gain and lose homes, friendships, perhaps even marriages. In a world where your favorite belongings will change over the years (as will your size, sense of style, and preference). There is but one thing that you will have forever: your body.

It is the only thing that we can say truly belongs to you, and no one else.
It is the only thing that you will have your entire life.
It is the only companion that brought you into this world and will see you out of it.
It is the only witness to your every moment, your every scrape, your every tear, your every laugh.

It will endure the test of time. It will be with you always. You can never have another. You can never lose the one you have.

Think about this.
Your body can become damaged, injured, broken, burned, scarred, limited... but never taken from you.

There will never be another. There has never been another.

It is your chaperone through life. Your vehicle to connect with the outside world. Your literal mouthpiece. Your outstretched hand. Your wellspring of life itself.

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Now tell me again how you should hide under a blanket instead of run in the sand?
Tell me again how your body isn't fit to be seen, so it should be hidden in shame?
Tell me again how you don't deserve to swim in the water because you're fat?
Tell me again how the very breath you breathe and blood you pump isn't "good enough" and so you ought to miss out on your one and only precious life?


I long for a day when women will become more connected to their experience inside their body than they are to their assumptions of what other people think. After all, your body was never meant to serve anyone else's satisfaction. It was made to serve yours. And its the only thing that was.

You are not the sum total of a wandering eye's appraisal. You are not an object to be appraised; judged for value. 

Your body has no value to anyone else. It is yours. They can't use it anyway!

To me, it's not about how you look. It's not even about "ignoring others' judgement". It's about a profound and sacred connection to the one beautiful body you will ever have. It was never about someone else liking the way it fits a bathing suit. That is cheap and silly and fleeting. It is about your body carrying you through life. A benefactor. And you, as its fortunate recipient.

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So dance mamas, dance! And swim! Climb! Run! Jump! Fall! Leap! Stumble! But please run in the waves. The waves that (like our bodies) are each one unique and never repeated.


I love this photo for so many reasons
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