How To Treat Your Trauma- 2 Minute Therapy

Krysta Dancy talks about the best practices for treating trauma both at home and in the therapy office- a follow up to her earlier video "What Is Trauma"
"What is Trauma?"-
"How to Help Your Loved One Through Trauma"-
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What Is Trauma? - 2 Minute Therapy

Krysta gives a quick talk on "What Is Trauma"- how it happens and what is going on in your brain anyway? Krysta Dancy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. Her licensing and practice information can be found at her website
How to Treat Your Trauma:
How to Help Loved Ones With Trauma:

Common Sense Disclaimer: This information is for interest and educational purposes only. It can never substitute for a professional opinion specific to your situation and condition. I don't know you and so this information should not be seen as professional advice or a professional relationship.