When Your Traumatic Birth Is Fresh At The Holidays

I see you mama.

Your loved ones want to hear all about it. They expect smiles. They expect you to be so overjoyed.

They don't see the pain you're in. Maybe they don't even want to see it.

So many people, so exhausting. So many times to replay the story in your head. How do you say the truth? How can you say what burns in your mind and heart?

Total disruption- sleeping and eating in strange places with unfamiliar company. Your baby needs you extra right now. Isn't that always how it goes? Baby needs you extra right when you really need too.

You. Need. Too.

And so you put all that need into cute sweaters and thin smiles. You prepare yourself for questions, or for no questions at all. You feel on display and invisible all at once. The exhaustion always makes the pain worse.

I see you mama.

Love to you this holiday season. Find you and your baby something pretty to look at. A candle. A twinkle light. Something that shines.
Photo by Jared Lind on Unsplash

Breathe in and out.

You don't owe anyone your story. You don't owe anyone a comfortable lie either. You say what you need to say. You don't say what you can't. You sit when you need to. You nap when you need to. You ask for help when you need to.

When it all becomes too much find a quiet place. Blame it on the baby. And you go look at something beautiful. Drink something warm and sweet. Wear comfortable socks. Wrap your body in softness.

I see you mama.

Love to you,

For peer support try this facebook group
For information about Traumatic Birth follow the Birth & Trauma Support Center. on our Facebook Page
For birth professionals who want to be trauma-informed join this Facebook Group

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