A Letter From The World To You

By Greg Rakozy
(The ones who need to write this, cannot. Please consider this their letter)

Dear Precious One And Only You,

Inside you. Can you feel it? Your heart beating. Your chest rising and falling. Your body fidgeting. 

You are alive.


What Is Brainspotting Like?

If you've ever wondered what Brainspotting is like as a client, or why you want to do it, here's a handy quick video to tell you all you ever wanted to know.


Our Best Kept Secret

by Toby
"Oh, funny, my friend just texted me because she's getting out of her therapy appointment too!"
Comments like this are typical for my teen clients. They openly discuss their mental health and therapy appointments. They exchange ideas and experiences during lunch. They even encourage one another to seek professional help when they are cutting themselves, depressed, anxious or suicidal.

Yes, times are changing and I am proud of how this young generation respects their mental health.

But there is a strange divide. For my clients who are only ten to fifteen years older, I am far more likely to hear
"This is so embarrassing"